Saturday, June 7, 2014

School's out for summer!

It's a mixed bag of emotions. As you can tell, being a teacher takes over my life as I haven't contributed to this blog since November. I pour my heart and soul into teaching and now have the summer to play. But yesterday...yesterday was the worst last day of school. Several students caught me off guard with gifts and hugs and letters. A heart can only take so much love until it breaks. So yes, I left school in tears and if you didn't know this about me, once I start, I can't stop. So it was awkward. For me. Mushy, I know. I Always wanted to be a writer, locked in a cabin by a lake knocking out best seller after best seller. But we all know what that did for Hemmingway anyway. I think this is it for me. People. Kids. Teaching. And all the weird little moments that happen in between the lessons I prepare. Fire drills that turn into snowball fights, rubber ball mutiny, book pong, a random wrestling match, and and entire class that broke out into high school musical. It was a great year, and I had fun. And now...I take a little time off to enjoy summer, and kids' baseball, and reading, running and racing. Love.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SLOW FORMATION now available!

The print book is now available from the publisher Create Space or on  Click on the book image and it will take you right to the order page. The kindle version (or for other ereaders) is submitted and will be available in 12 hours.  THANK YOU in advance for reading my book, and please, please, please send me your feedback.  That is what I live for!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

She exhausts me, yet I've loved creating her.

Slow Formation is done!  I am just awaiting the publisher Create Space to let me know they are ready to print it.  But on my end, it is done.  Once the publisher approves that I've put all margins in the correct spots, then they will greenlight it for ordering, and then post an e-version on for ereaders, too.   This book is a sequal to Gray, and follows the main character through her next chapter in life. She's a fun character, and I've enjoyed getting to know her through my writing.  But she exhausts me.  She must experience a lot to learn a lot. Don't we all? I think you will enjoy this book as much as the first, and it may just make a good Christmas gift set for the teenagers in your life, too!

So what's next? I'm taking a break from writing right now, to pursue some other goals. There just may be another book in me in the far off future, and I've actually started the first couple of chapters of an adult book (need a break from coming of age young adult fiction) But my goal for now is to PLAY, to enjoy life, to dive into a few new hobbies, and to experience some new things in life. So for now, enjoy SLOW FORMATION and I'll post the minute it's available for purchase. Enjoy the book!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Slow Formation

Yes, it's officially unofficial. I finished my second book, Slow Formation. The ebook was done last night and the print today! I'm still waiting for the proof, so it's actually unofficially done since you can't purchase it yet. It only took me 5 hours how to figure out to align page numbers and yet only 10 minutes to design a beautiful cover. Oh the joys of indie publishing!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Get out there and dance!

We just finished 5 months of baseball. If you're a parent of a Little Leaguer, you know what a break this is. Yet it's bittersweet. My son was lucky enough to play on the All Stars team, and they did really well. They won every game until the State playoffs. They got nervous...or more like stunned. Their first game ended in 4 innings 10-0 against Boise. The kids were frozen on the field (although it was 90 degrees out). In the best of two series, they faced the same team the next day and quickly found themselves sitting at 0-2 in the fourth inning. The kids were again stunned. After the 4th, the grounds crew came out to sweep the fields and the Cha Cha Slide started to play. The coach said to the boys "Go out there and dance!" The boys hesitated, and then followed coaches orders. What happened was truly amazing. Smiles appeared on the boys faces, and everyone started having fun. And you know what? Their bats started swinging and they won that game!

Sometimes life can throw a little curve ball, and everyone feels a little stunned at times. But you gotta keep dancing...because it's fun, and it gets you back in the game. 

(Now if my daughter can help me figure out how to post video to this blog, I'll post the video of the boys dancing. Check back soon!)

Also, Coeur d'Alene's 11-12 team is battling for a spot at Williamsport World Series. If you're feeling philanthropic, please support these boys and their families by making a donation at and check them out on ESPN in San Bernadino. These are my son's teammates, and are great kids.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fear Mongering

We stopped going to church six months ago.  I have struggled with church for years now, feeling too liberal for the North Idaho conservative views, but I miss the music, the worship, the solitude to connect to a loving God.  When the "homosexual sin" talks began, we were out of there.  Not going to sit and listen to that. Sorry.  I just disagree, and its a deal-breaker. I do, however, struggle with my kids not going to church. I want them to know the comfort of a loving God who loves them "no matter what."

My daughter had a terrible nightmare two weeks ago and lost an entire night's sleep over it. She said "The Rapture happened and it was so scary." The Rapture?  I've never spoken to my kids about the rapture.  Oh yeah, they talked about it, A LOT, in Sunday School.

We were at the library, and I was in the young adult section with my daughter who saw some cute teens hanging out near the computers and she refused to look at all interested in books.  She said, "Mom, just pick some out for me and let's GO." What do you know that I leafed through a book called Rapture Practice in the novel section. I quickly skimmed the back cover and read "When I was a little boy, I was superexcited about the coming of Jesus... Now I'm scared... This is my story about searching for heaven-and finding myself."  This sounded perfect for my daughter, and sounded like it would provide comfort. I picked it out and she read it in two days.  I asked, "Did that book explain the rapture and make you feel less afraid?"  She replied, "It wasn't even about that. He finds out he's gay and it was a good book." Suddenly I realized I truly didn't read the back or front cover, and therefore have no idea what I just offered my daughter.  So now I'm reading the book so we can discuss it.  It is HILARIOUS, yet tragic.  Aaron Hartzler, the author, shares his true life story of being raised fundamental Christian.  My parents were definitely NOT like his, and I was raised with sensible Christian beliefs, but I do remember feeling a lot of fear. Fear that God could see everything. Fear that I would have to be a missionary some day, fear that I would have to marry the one  boy in my Sunday School class, and fear that if I didn't do everything fully for God, I would never please Him.  And then, in the book, Aaron Hartlzer shares the title of the movie that scared him to death, the very same movie that I have told Erik about that I was taken to at about age 6 at "Family Movie Night" at church. It is called "A Thief in the Night" and it scared the sh*t out of me! Erik has heard me talk about this stupid 1972 movie forever, and finally I feel vindicated.  Today, I You-Tubed it, and there it was, the freaky helicopters chasing the woman while screaming at her with a megaphone because she was left behind.
See a snippet of the CRAZY movie

 FEAR MONGERING. It's not okay to do that to children.  I told my Mom about it today, and she has no recollection about taking me to this movie.  Maybe she was working.  We'll blame Dad.  But honestly, I don't blame anyone.  It's what we did at the time. Our church, of good, loving people, thought this was the right approach. I do believe, though, that this movie greatly impacted my heart and soul at a very young age, and I think that in churches today we STILL do this kind of thing, by talking about the rapture and all the threats and fears of the Bible. I should end my diatribe, but I was glad to see an author who wrote about fear mongering in his church and how he came to terms with who he really is. Anyone want to start a Thief in the Night Recovery Group? I'm in.    

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July race

Carly Tremble, me, and Erika Gunderson
Power tattoos of Otto and Recycle man

Today was my first "alone" road race in eight years. I ran the 4th of July Spokane Indians Race for the Pennant 5K.  For the last few years I've run with my kids or hubby. It was awesome, and hard. I think I was more nervous for my friend Carly who has never run a race before. She did amazing despite her knee issues. I also loved having friend Erika there to support us! Thank you to my friends for helping me check one road race off my summer goals! Next one is in Ellensburg...10K. Happy Independence Day!